Full core restore

Mon – Thurs: 8pm


Flatten the baby belly, prevent pelvic floor disorder, feel stronger after birth. Get back in shape with a focus on diastasis recti rehabilitation & pelvic floor function, with the guidance of a specialized physiotherapist. Full core restore mixes  exercises from different disciplines (Pilates, Nutritious MovementTM, Hypopressive method, yoga) in a fun and fast pace 75min session. If you just want a safe and specific workout, or you want to get back to sports the right way after birth, this class is for you. Starting September 2016.

Single lesson: 15€. 10 lessons card: 120€. 


Birthlight yoga

Mon: 6p


Birthlight yoga for pregnancy is accessible to all women, whether they are yoga practitioners or new to yoga. The method has pioneered adaptations of classic yoga and continues to innovate with both micro-movements and flow sequences. Yoga is increasingly recommended to pregnant women because it is a gentle way of maintaining or gaining fitness while reducing anxiety with breathing and relaxation techniques. Regina is a qualified instructor with plenty of experience with expecting moms and postnatal yoga.  Restarting September 2016.


Pilates postnatal

Mon: 7p


Pilates is a complete training system created by Joseph Pilates over a century ago. It's a popular form of exercise in the rehabilitation field for its ability to develop core stability and body control. It's effective to alleviate back pain and increase abdominal strength while improving coordination, flexibility and body awareness. Although Pilates is widely practiced nowadays as a regular form of exercise, when performed under professional guidance is an optimal rehabilitation tool. Cat is not only an experienced Pilates instructor but also a Masters level Physiotherapist. Restarting September 2016.