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Mundo Vroedvrouwen practice

Mundo Vroedvrouwen practice

Consultation hours

Tuesdays (Mundo Verloskundigen): 2-9p
Wednesdays (Tara Verloskundigen): on demand/5 to 7p
Thursdays (Perinatal Physio/Fysiotherapie Tom Kusse): 3-7p
Fridays (online/dietitian): 2-7p



Fysiotherapie Tom Kusse

Our practice is integrated within the clinic. Thursday consultations and core restoration classes take place at this location.

Westduinweg 30
2583EH Den Haag
(+31) 0 70 354 8064/(+31) 0 683070901

Consultation hours: Thursdays 3pm – 7pm


Mundo Midwives (Mundo Vroedvrouwen)

Tuesday consultations & All about your pelvic floor workshops take place at this location.

Scheveningseweg 72
2517KX Den Haag
(+31) 0 70 354 8064/(+31) 0 683070901

Consultation hours: Tuesdays 2pm – 9pm


Tara Midwives (Tara Verloskundigen)

Prins Hendrikstraat 151
2518HN Den Haag
(+31) 0 70 365 5424

Consultation hours: on demand/Wednesdays 5pm – 7pm


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