Losing weight after pregnancy, keeping it during pregnancy, or just becoming pregnant in the first place are often a struggle for many women. When it comes to weight management and most fertility cases, dealing with hormones is the key to long lasting results. A women's health dietitian can uncover food related issues that can be stalling your progress and guide you in every step of the way to achieve your health goals. Scroll down for more information.


In which cases can changes in diet help through the postpartum period, pregnancy and fertility?



Excess weight that can't be shed, bloating, frequent sugar cravings, constipation or a bulging belly that does not reduce over time can be signs  of a hormonal imbalance or a hidden food intolerance. If despite eating clean and exercising frequently these issues persist, an appointment with a women's health dietitian can be beneficial.


Unbearable morning sickness, heartburn or gestational diabetes can all be managed through the right dietary changes. 


If you have been trying to conceive for more than 6 months and you don't want to resort to fertility treatments, diet modifications are advisable. The function of the entire endocrine (hormonal) system-including your sex hormones- is intimately related to what, when and how much you eat. 


Consultation options

Depending on your insurance policy, the appointments might be eligible for refund. We can check this for you directly if you call or email us.


Initial assessment

The first online appointment is a short 15 min meeting. It is necessary for us to know if we are able to help you depending on your problem, and for you to meet us and get a glimpse of how we work. You are free to schedule a consultation with us after or find another practitioner that better suits your needs.

First online consultation (15min) FREE

Single consultation

 You can schedule a single consultation if you need to discuss some doubts and ask for nutritional advice related to any problem listed above. The appointment takes place online and lasts for 30 min or 1 hour.

Single online consultation (30min) 30€

Single online consultation (60min) 60€

Diet package

The package includes:

  • Initial online assessment session (1h)

  • Diet & report, personalized according to your needs and our findings

  • 2 online follow-up sessions (30min)

The diet program might change depending on your progress. Those changes are free of charge.

Diet package (Intake + diet + report + follow-ups) 180€ -or 3 installments of 60€-.


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