We are available for private consultations in The Hague (NL), either at our practice or at Mundo Verloskundige Praktijk (Fridays), and in Leiden (NL), at MoVeS Praktijk. If you have recently given birth and you are in pain, we can visit you at home. For dietitian services, follow-ups or advice, we are available online every Friday afternoon. All consultations are eligible for insurance refund.


Come to our practice

You can visit us at our clinic in Scheveningen (The Hague) on Wednesday afternoons or come to our consultation days at Mundo Verloskundige Praktijk every Tuesday in Statenkwartier (The Hague).

Initial assessment & treatment  (45-60min) 52€ -if you have a referral from your doctor the cost is lower-

Follow up sessions (30-45min) 33€

We work with all Dutch insurance companies. If your policy includes physiotherapy (like any aanvullend policy), your insurance will take care of all the costs.


Home visits

If you have just given birth or if pain is very intense and you need our help, we can come to your place for a little additional cost that the insurance will generally cover. We are available for home treatments in Statenkwartier, Schevenengen and surrounding areas only (The Hague).

Initial assessment & treatment  (45-60min) 62€ -if you have a referral from your doctor the cost is lower-

Follow up sessions (30-45min) 45€

Home visits are also eligible for insurance refund if you have an extra (aanvullend) insurance policy. Home visits are possible on demand out of our regular consultation hours.


Online sessions

If you are interested in our nutrition services, have doubts about the treatment, or you just live far away and need advice, we are available for online sessions every Friday afternoon after our consultation hours. These appointments are intended for consulting & follow ups only.

Online consultation  60min 45€, 30min 30€ (via Skype or Google Hangouts).

Dietitian screening (15min) FREE

Dietitian intake & consultation  (60min) 60€

Dietitian follow ups  (30min) 30€

Online appointments are eligible for insurance refund if you have an extra (aanvullend) insurance policy. 


Tuesdays & Thursdays (Praktijk MoVeS Leiden): 9:30 to 5pm

Wednesdays (Perinatal Physio/Fysio Scheveningen): 12:30-6pm

Fridays (Mundo Verloskundigen): 9am-2:45pm

Fridays (online/dietitian): 3:30-7pm

Consultation hours