Personal training

If you are too busy for group lessons, or you have more specific needs (such as returning to sports safely), personal training can be a better option to get back in shape. Thanks to a tailor-made program and the personalized attention from a specialized physio, you will get faster & long-lasting results, training at your pace and paying attention to all the different parts of the rehabilitation plan. PT sessions are eligible for insurance refund.

About the PT sessions

The personal training sessions are a flexible option for busy moms who wish to get back in shape. During the sessions we will address specific core and pelvic floor problems that are common after birth. Because they are guided by a physiotherapist, you can claim a refund to your health insurer in the majority of cases. Scroll down for more information.


Attention to diastasis & pelvic floor disorder

Core and pelvic floor disorders are very prevalent among pregnant and postpartum women. An exercise program that specifically addresses abdominal separation (diastasis recti) or pelvic floor & core dysfunction (such as incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse or pelvic pain) is fundamental to ensure full recovery and prevent further problems. Some careless exercise programs that overlook this part of your anatomy can put you at risk for future PF disorders or aggravate a preexisting condition that you might not be aware of. We strongly advise a consultation with a pelvic physiotherapist before starting with personal training to assess your specific situation and be able to design a program accordingly.

Where & when?

The PT sessions can only start 24hs after the first (FREE) assessment. Sessions can take place at your home if you live in the Statenkwartier, Scheveningen or Belgische Park areas (The Hague). If weather allows, it is also possible to meet outdoors at different parks in the same areas. If you are a member of InTension Health Club (Scheveningen, The Hague), we could also carry the sessions at the gym. The club has a creche service every morning, from Monday to Saturday. Times available for personal training vary every week according to your schedule and our patient & class schedule, but generally the following time slots are the ones always available: Mon 9:30a-12p, Th 3p-8p, Fri 9:30a-12p, Fri 3p-7p, Sat  9a-12p. If you would like a specific personal trainer, times might be different. Contact us to see if we can accommodate to your needs.

Prices & terms

The initial assessment is free of charge. If your health insurance policy covers physiotherapy, you are eligible for refund. Take into account that every PT session would equal 2 physiotherapy sessions, insurance wise. If your insurance doesn't cover it, you will receive an invoice by the end of each month. 

Initial assessment (20min) - FREE

Personal training session (60min) 60€


If you have any questions, contact us